Mediation is a way to solve disputes.

It is a process in which the parties are assisted in reaching a negotiated settlement or solution.

It is based on collaboration, not conflict.

Mediation can…

  • be applied to any situation where two or more parties have differences they cannot resolve themselves.
  • resolve what might feel like the most complex disputes.
  • be applied to any commercial disputes – between shareholders, between company directors, between business partners, with banks…
  • resolve even a difficult dispute in a short space of time.
  • involve the parties meeting directly but doesn’t have to.

Mediation has…

  • already resolved disputes exactly like yours.
  • a proven track record in achieving fantastic results in a wide range of situations.
  • a structure to identify issues and deal with differences.
  • a timetable, agreed with the parties, designed to meet their needs.
  • the flexibility to find dynamic and creative solutions when needed.
  • the potential to resolve any dispute.

Mediation works when:

  • there is a strong emotional content to the dispute.
  • the parties know each other.
  • there is a need for a quick resolution.
  • parties want to avoid legal avenues.
  • parties have regular, ongoing, professional interactions.
  • one party is uncomfortable confronting the other party without a third party being there.
  • the ability of the parties to resolve matters is questionable.

We have expertise and experience in providing mediated solutions between:

  • company shareholders.
  • business partners.
  • company directors.
  • banks and borrowers.